The Importance of a Logo for an Organisation

A logo is a combination of words and visual imagery. A logo is commonly used by commercial enterprise, organisations and individuals. It can be placed on the things they sell, on letters and in advertisements.

A logo is the base of an organisation’s visual identity. It is the face of an organisation. Every organisation has certain responsibilities, aims, missions and vision to accomplish. Excellent logo depict these responsibilities, aims, missions and vision as they are the foundation on which corporate identity of an organisation is linked. They are true representation of an organisation’s nature of work and its accomplishments. Since a logo has great significance and value, creating one is very essential for an organisation.

Every organisation desire’s to be well known and have a whopping success. In order to be able to reach this level, an organisation requires a catchy logo. A logo plays a major part in terms of promoting an organisation.

It is extremely tough for an organisation to establish itself in the commercial world. In simple words, a logo is like a mental shortcut to an organisation. The power of a logo lies in its visual nature. Studies have demonstrated that people identify and relate to images quicker than text. In today’s internet savvy world, this is truer than ever.

A logo is not sufficient to create an organisation’s identity. A poorly designed logo can easily demolish the image of an organisation. On the other hand, a carefully designed logo can reach the potential customers and convey to them the worth of an organisation. Thus, everything depends on the design of an organisation’s logo.

An organisation’s logo is the first thing that people see and remember. Concentrating on the design and quality is vital for an organisation as a well-designed logo can contribute to an organisation’s success and attract potential customers.

A well designed logo can have many subtle meanings and it has the capability of conveying the story of how an organisation does its business, including the special practices that make an organisation stand out from their competitors.

A logo is like a signature. It shows an organisation’s legal ownership and act like a legal protection against counterfeit and forgery. Low-prices forged branded products are flooding the markets in the third world countries. For example – one can get a much cheaper sneaker with a logo slightly similar to Nike’s logo, which can uplift the sale of that fake product. However, if a company replicate the logo of an organisation, the organisation can sue that company in consumer court.

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